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SAMRIDDHI  PACKAGES (Price Rs. 10,500/- Only)
English / Hindi Self Learning Books
Designed to Increase Knowledge, Awareness, Skills, and Tact, of an Individual who is preparing himself to find a suitable position for himself in the competitive workplace, of a conventional business, or who wishes to start his own business.
Read & Write Including DVDs
College Goer Preferably High School and above
Junior Executive  
English Language Training
Beginner 1 DVD Set 1 Book
Advance 3 DVD Set 1 Book
Expert 2 DVD Set  
Effective Communication Skills
Effective Communication Skill is the Key to virtually everything meaningful in our everyday lives. Be it personal, professional, family, social, institutional or any other sphere, Effective Communications build Successful Relationships which ensures open access to people, situation and assists in understanding the subject.
Winning Interview The Interview Game
Interviews are preliminary assessment of our knowledge and skills before we find our dream job. Learn how to win the interview game with putting our best foot forward.
Marketing Insight A to Z
An Independent book which shall give you help you understand the power of marketing to run your business.
Four Basics
4 Hrs/2 Days
Every Successful sale is perfect plan of Contact, Pitch, Follow up and Closing the Deal. Use these Smart Skills to grow your Independent Channel Partner Business.
The Company & Environment
2 Hrs/1 Day
Learn about DewSoft, the Environment that we operate in, our growth prospects, Vision & Mission.

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Computer Operations
Smart Office Professional Series-1 is an effective hands on guide on computer hardware, and Windows operating system. It helps you in setting up user accounts, security, accessibility, internet account, network, email account, printer, sharing files; importing pictures and videos from cameras; organizing files and folders, for quick access; and maintenance and troubleshooting while using windows in your daily lives.
Personal Organizer
This Personal Organizer is a must if you want to stay organized. Very few people have the brain capacity to store and remember every day-to-day events, appointments and tasks. Consequently, we forget important to do's, and that is where the Personal Organizer comes in to act as our reminder. The bottom line is that everyone can benefit from a Personal Organizer.
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